In the late 2000’s, a great awakening seemed to occur in that the realities of climate change as a result of greenhouse gases. While the coronavirus became the immediate crisis at hand, the climate crisis still continued. 2020 recorded some of the most severe wildfires, the hottest temperatures, and the most devastating hurricane seasons, further signaling a dire need to optimize consumer products for sustainability.

I’ve learned and unlearned a lot since I started Planet Pods in 2019. My initial concern was the impact that plastic packaging had on the ecosystem after products were disposed. While packaging waste is a…

Awareness of pollution and climate change is at an all-time high

In 2019, the world experienced one of the hottest years on record. Venice flooded to unprecedented heights, glaciers continued to melt and accelerate sea level rise, and an inefficient disposal system has resulted in trash islands twice the size of Texas. The good news is, people acknowledge that climate change is a real threat and are more aware than ever about the impacts of air, water and plastic pollution.


People are responding by making life-altering behavioral changes (going zero waste), but that’s only a small piece of the greater pollution pie

According to a study conducted by The University of Michigan — waste only comprises 2% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. While people adjusting their consumption habits is positive, companies and…

Considering the current impact we’re seeing from climate change, it’s more important than ever to put pressure on corporations to adopt more sustainable practices.

Practicing Zero Waste is a time investment, and understanding that some may not have time to create their own products, gift giving low waste products built with sustainability at the forefront can be a good way to inspire good habits with trial.

For years and years, manufacturers have perfected the conventional, plastic products meaning eco-friendly brands have to work harder to compete with conventional products at scale.

When you gift a sustainable product, that translates to…

Planet Pods multi-purpose, eco-conscious cleaning alternative aims to remove plastic, chemical waste, and unneeded fillers from household cleaners.

What matters more? People’s health and well-being or profit losses? Most companies would [sadly] say profit loss

Our health is seriously threatened by many of the products that we buy. This isn’t a new concept, it’s just for decades we as consumers assumed that brands had our best interest in mind. In most cases, this isn’t true. When developing a product, brands do a cost/benefit analysis of each component. Some components are tangible, such as ingredients and packaging, that directly impact profit; whereas others components are less tangible, such as sustainability, after-market waste, and disposal, which are de-prioritized.


Due to ongoing environmental destruction, we as consumers have reached critical levels of waste production.

In 2017, 350 million tons of plastic were produced around the world (Plastics Europe). This mass production compounds the 8.3 billion synthetic polymers that have accumulated in landfills and oceanic trash islands to decompose slowly for 400–1,000 years (Post Consumers). Researchers note that as this waste degrades, leachate results to emit greenhouse gas emissions in the form of methane and ethylene. Before it fully degrades, that same plastic poisons aquatic plants as it curates a cesspool of microbes, contributing to ocean warming. All this happens unless a sea bird, turtle, or fish unknowingly ingest the plastic. …

Plastic is harming our environment, and companies are slow to evolve as their current business practices prove lucrative.

It’s not a question, it’s a fact. In November, a whale was found dead on the coast of Indonesia with more than 1,000 pieces of plastic in its stomach. In addition to this whale, birds and fish also fall victim to plastic flotsam. And yes, this means that you too consume plastic in food and water.

It’s no secret that we need to reduce our waste — especially in single-use plastics. The good news is, there are potential solutions to eliminate plastic completely. Though science and technology can’t do it alone, the problem is so pervasive that the masses need…

On January 20th 2019, I was 25 and was laid off for the second time.

I had just been given 60-days notice from my job. After a major company merger, my entire division was cut after spreadsheet level cost/benefit exercise deeming the overhead as redundant.

I had essentially 60-days on payroll to do whatever I wanted.

Travel is the obvious first inclination. And highly recommended by most friends.

Take up a new hobby.

Enjoy the time and relax.

Work out a lot.

Really anything besides start a company.

But I had a gut feeling that I stumbled upon 3 concentric…

We named it Schitty’s Co. because it was an ironic spin on a new kind of toilet cleaner

We started with toilets because A. those products contain some of the most hazardous chemicals of all household cleaning products and B. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a non-plastic receptacle for toilet cleaners. I figured, if it would be useful for me then it must be useful for others.

The initial name was Schitty’s to be an inside joke.

Being media people, we took an empirical approach to testing the market while building the product

As a result of record low temperatures in 2017, numerous vapor intrusion mitigation systems across the U.S. experienced pipe freezing, rendering systems as ineffective. VaporTrac technology, being the only remote telemetry device capable of measuring pressure and vacuum metrics, reported the cold weather anomaly where otherwise undetectable.

Vapor intrusion system failures aren’t always visible or obvious

While system failures can occur due to a multitude of reasons (i.e. physical damage, power shut down, etc.) there is no way to tell whether or not depressurization is effective based on the physical appearance of the system. …

There are about 28 million small businesses in the U.S., if those businesses were to implement marketing strategies at the strength of top brands the potential sales growth online would be enormous

With the rise and continued growth of the Internet, social media has manifested itself as the communication forum for people around the world. While big brands know and practice using social media as a primary communication tool, small businesses still struggle to catch on and own a share of voice online. This lag in developing new-age marketing methods could be attributed to the few cost-effective resources and solutions…

Emilie Scott

Creator of Planet Pods

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